The one that got away

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Raymond Davis has been released.
Yes all you anti-Pakistani’s out there who think Davis was justified in shooting two men in cold blood, you can celebrate. Pop the champagne and welcome your hero back. Not only are there two less-wait lets not forget the often overlooked sod who got crushed under the car acting as ray’s cavalry-three less Paki’s to plague the world, he managed to thumb his nose to the country’s masses and government and show us once again the many many areas we are inferior in.
Raymond Davis’ case is one that I have been following obsessively, which is a rarity for me, since not much holds my interest for long. But i digress.
Before you start posting curses in the comments, let me make myself clear. I never believed the guy should have been hanged. I felt bad for the guy considering he wound up in the jail of a third world country. Raymond, if you ever read this, I apologize for the trauma the bathrooms and general hygiene-or lack thereof-must have caused
However, let us not forget that this GI Joe killed two men in broad daylight. Wait, before you leap up with the eternal self-defence argument, hear me out. Yes the men were armed, but then so was Raymond, without a permit might I add. Secondly not only did Raymond shoot one in the back while the he was beating a retreat, he even paused in the proceedings to take pictures of the dead. Whats up with that?
On to the reactions then. With typical Pakistani zeal for all US related issues, the mullahs ran to their mosques to spout conspiracy theories and offer their opinions to the masses. Our government went with its first instinct by siding with the gora, but when the whiplash from the reaction started, the backtracking was both impressive and amusing. As people started taking to the streets and extremists began issuing condemnations, the government resorted to the mumbled vagaries it uses to avoid uncomfortable situations.
Enter the United States of America. With typical attitudes of entitlement and righteousness, and an impressive use of selective understanding and dissemination of information, America made us feel like the savage low IQ beasts they perceive us as. Of course Raymond Davis should be released…what a thing to question, hello..hes an american! hello vienna convention! wait…ure hesitating…how dare u…say bye bye to aid! (On a sidenote…i found it interesting that american aid was, according to some parties, contingent on Davis’ release…interesting that the humane purpose of this aid which is supposed to aid millions, is overshadowed by the decisions and actions of a kamikaze soldier with a Stallone complex and government caught between the classic rock and hard place. Methinks the purpose of this aid may need some revisiting.)
I was careful to not read only the Pakistani newspapers on the subject. I scoured all the greats for snippets but few were forthcoming. If anything was reported, it was a clinical discourse or a sidenote. Not until the controversial reveal by The Guardian, and the scrambling catchup played by the NY Times was the reason for this silence revealed. There’s a general perception here that most Americans are completely oblivious to what is going on outside the US. I never gave it much credit but these antics of newspapers which are the lauded pinnacles in news-reporting had me questioning my beliefs.
Raymond Davis is a CIA agent…and the crowd goes wild.
All those secret suspicions of the white presence in strategic areas of Pakistan have now been confirmed. The masses wanted Davis’ head on a platter while the US began placating both the populace and the families of the deceased. Regardless of how it happened and what amounts were involved, Raymond Davis has been acquitted.
While he flies back home to a happy reunion with the family and a relatively peaceful everafter (I say relative because stupidly, i still hope the americans will remain true to their ideals and still give him some hell, despite him being one of their own. I still hope, despite all evidence to the contrary that some legal proceedings will be made against him.) what will be the status quo once the dust settles? Davis’ exit has left many protestors high and dry, and like any self respecting scorned woman looking for a car to key, someones going to be paying the piper in his stead!


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